THE MinefieldS Honey Highlights Critical Issue
This jar of honey from minefields is more than just a powerful symbolic reminder of the demining issue in Ukraine. It also exemplifies Ukrainian resilience at its finest, emphasizing the significance of fostering positive change.
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What is the current status of landmines in Ukraine?
Ukraine is one of the most heavily mined countries in the world. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it accounts for 30% of the territory, over 174,000 square kilometers, encompassing both private lands and critical infrastructure, bodies of water, forests, and fields. The global community is still calculating how many years and billions of dollars it will take to demine these areas. In the meantime, thousands of hectares of land remain dangerous for people and unsuitable for agriculture.
How was the honey harvested from fields laden with landmines?
To avoid contact with landmines, drones are used to plant specific combinations of honey-producing plants in mined agricultural fields. Consequently, bees collect the nectar, all while remaining unharmed by the landmines. This honey is exceptional, serving as a poignant reminder of the immense problem that cannot be ignored.
Is this honey safe for consumption?
Certainly, this product is certified and safe for consumption.